Let’s Get Physical

In a nod to the highly-anticipated start of the CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland this June (which, despite speculation and the lawsuit filed in March, will not destroy the Earth), we’re highlighting two exciting and new physics-centered novels:

In this fast-paced action-thriller, Einstein WAS able to bring together quantum mechanics and particle physics in a single unified theory. Realizing the horrifying weapons potential of the discovery (after all, his theory of relativity provided the groundwork for the atom bomb), he kept the knowledge a secret. Or did he?

Available in-store June ’08. | Read the NYT review


Nathan Nelson is the son of a genius physicist, who – despite all preparation for greatness and much to his father’s chagrin – remains completely average. That is, until Nathan is involved in a serious accident. After regaining consciousness, he finds that there is much, much more to his mind than he ever thought possible.

Paperback available July ’08, hardcover available now.

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