Controversy a-brewin’


The release of Brad Thor’s newest thriller novel, The Last Patriot, has come with much acclaim, and a bit of scandal.  Here’s the trailor: .

 In a recent interview with Glenn Beck:  , Brad Thor fully acknowledges that he has already received death threats because of the content of his book.  As Beck puts it, it’s the “Da Vinci Code of Islam”.

 The novel involves a scandal that goes as far back as the Prophet Mohammed and leads up to present day, where people are still willing to kill to keep this secret.

 In the interview, Brad says that there are real-life terrorist forces at work in the U.S., but that America is “too politically correct” to say anything about it, and this is where his plot-lines get a little hot. 

 This recalls the recent Mark Steyn controversy, relating to some articles he penned for Maclean’s.  He wrote about the future of Islamic presence in Western countries, and has been harshly criticised for being Islamophobic in his writing.  Steyn’s reaction to this is that the media has become too politically correct on these topics, and that he is a victim of censorship.

 Despite the touchiness around the book’s content, Brad still insists that this is just a thriller novel like any other, and he even includes a listing of what is fact-based and what is fiction at the end of the book for those who have questions.  He has worked for Homeland Security’s think tank, so he has some solid authority.

 As reviews continue to roll in one thing seems to be consistent, controversy aside: people find this book thrilling and genuinely entertaining.  So, whether you are curious about the scandal or not, it’s worth picking up.