Why do they always cut the good stuff?

Today’s Quill & Quire reported that the Toronto Star is losing half of it’s book pages.  Not only will this make it even harder to get reviews in the coveted space, but it casts a pretty sad outlook on what’s to come for other newspapers during times of economic strife.

Recently they also cut the children’s section Starship which had been running for quite a few years.  Numerous book-related tv shows have been cancelled recently, and rumour has it that the Montreal Gazette is thinking of axe-ing their book section altogether as well.

 I understand that there’s a recession, and I’m sure that somehow this all relates back to the rising cost of fuel, but it’s not like you see anyone cutting the sections where book publicists will be forced to sneak in reviews (lifestyle, entertainment).  Or even, (gasp) the sports section.

It’s like when schoolboards make cuts – they always get rid of the music and art programs but never the sports teams.

Regardless, it’s a sad day for the Canadian book industry and looks like (although I hope it isn’t!) a sign of things to come.