Word on the Street, 2008


There’s nothing quite like spending a bright fall day with thousands upon thousands of books at your fingertips, all within strolling distance of each other. Or, perhaps even more exciting—being surrounded by thousands of people who are just as passionate about books as you are. Welcome to Word on the Street 2008, on September 28 at Queen’s Park in Toronto, a day that provided us at S&S Canada a fabulous opportunity to chat with thousands of book lovers.


Before the storm

Before the storm… 

The many book buyers descend!

And the many book buyers descend!


In this digital age, there is something incredibly refreshing about seeing other booklovers face to face and excited about the tangible, beautiful books on display. As the time ticked down by the end of the afternoon, some amazing deals were to be had and our tables—stacked high with hundreds of books in the morning—were all but bare by the end of the day.

Altogether, it was a most successful event and we would like to thank everyone who came out and spending an afternoon in the best way possible—by buying a book!