As you mull over yesterday’s election results, let us here at Simon and Schuster recommend a few titles we’ve handily published to satisfy all your Obama-related curiosity:


In this carefully reported biography, drawing upon interviews with more than one hundred people, including one with Michelle herself, Mundy captures the complexity of this remarkable woman and the remarkable life she has lived.


The moving story of an exceptional man, as told by Nikki Grimes and illustrated by Bryan Collier, both winners of the Coretta Scott King Award. Barack Obama has motivated Americans to believe with him, to believe that every one of us has the power to change ourselves and change our world.


Whether you are a Baractogenarian (an Obama supporter over the age of twenty) or an Obombre (a Spanish-speaking male who supports Obama), you’ll cherish this indispensable guide – from the editors of Slate –  to one of the greatest Obomenons in American politics.