My Sister’s Keeper Opens Tomorrow

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Last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to attend a Warner Brothers roundtable with Abigail Breslin who plays Anna Fitzgerald in the forthcoming My Sister’s Keeper movie.  Held in the Park Hyatt on Avenue Road, everyone sat around a round table (now you know the functional meaning of the word “roundtable”!) and chatted with Abigail.  

Here’s a brief recap of the lightning-fast 11 minute Q & A session:

Abigail hadn’t yet seen the final cut of the film, but said she loved Nick Cassavetes’ The Notebook. She mentioned that some scenes were harder than others, due to the heavy subject matter, but that the lighter scenes provided a good balance. Evan Ellingson and Sofia Vassilieva, who play her on-screen siblings,  helped with diffusing the tension. “Evan was a lot of fun, he brought a lot of energy to the set. Sofia and I went shopping for stuff in the room on set, so a lot of the things you see in the movie, we bought.”

Having two older brothers helped Abigail understand the heartwrenching task of supporting a terminally ill family member. “We never had to go through anything like that, but it was easier to know what having siblings is like. My grandfather died of lung cancer so I know how everyone in the family goes through anything to help.”



• 16-year-old cancer survivor Nicole Schultz was on set to advise on the technical details of the hospital scenes

My Sister’s Keeper was filmed in Canada

• Abigail Breslin loves books and LOVES to shop

• Tissues are neccessary when watching the film

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 With that said, we’re dying to know how you think the movie compares to the book!