Reader Review 2: LEVIATHAN

Thank-you so much for the advance reader’s copy of Leviathan. I could not contain my excitement when I found it in the mail. I absolutely loved it! It was interesting, exciting, and different. I have never read anything like it before, and so it kept me interested until the very last page.

I loved the characters. I felt that Deryn, the main female character, was great. I loved her determination and felt that she is a perfect example of the fact that a girl can do anything a boy can. Alek, the main male character, was very interesting as well. I enjoyed going on a journey with him and seeing how he dealt with the terrible situation he was given.

I think the illustrations were perfect for this book. The scenes explained would have been very hard to imagine were it not for Keith Thompson’s work. He made it more understandable for me as I read.

Overall, I loved this book and cannot wait for its sequel!

– Madison F.

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