New & Improved PULSE IT!



The Pulse It Program has changed and it is going to be bigger and better than ever to accommodate all the awesome readers out there!

We have a new site that will be available for you to join August 1st
In the new program, we are offering two books to choose from each month, and YOU select which one you want. you can read the book right on the site*, submit your review right under the book, and read others’ reviews in real time!  Also, keep a look out for authors of the books, some of whom will be visiting the site to discuss the books with you!
By writing reviews and participating on the site, you can earn points and a chance (excluding residents of Quebec)  to get free books and other prizes mailed to you.  Residents of Quebec may register to participate on the site but will not be eligible to participate in the monthly Pulse It Sweepstakes.
To say nothing of the reward of being able to chat directly and immediately with other readers who are reading the same book!  You can also post info about your book preferences, add your photo, and link to books that your Pulse It friends would enjoy.


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