Picture Book Spotlight: Weezer Changes the World

A box of finished copies of this fantastic picture book by David McPhail arrived in-house today.

Weezer is an ordinary pup who is struck by lightning and finds himself  suddenly capable of big things!

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Check out the book page, here! On-sale December 1st.

One thought on “Picture Book Spotlight: Weezer Changes the World

  1. Half Broke Horses is a mesmerizing book from start to finish. It chronicals the life of the author’s grandmother Lily Casey Smith, born in 1901. Lily is a remarkable individual filled with fortitude, resiliance, and a strong sence of self. She bucked stereotypes and was true to herself, a woman ahead of her time. She broke horses, drove a car, and learned how to fly. Lily did not live her life with regrets. She made the best of trying times and did not succomb to self pity.

    This book brims with adventure. The reader becomes so enchanted with the going ons of the Casey Smith clan that it is easy to forget that this is narrative non-fiction. Jeannette writes in the voice of her grandmother, a natural born storyteller. As you close the cover of the book you yearn for just one more tale . . .

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