Your First Kiss

Share with us the story of your first kiss and be entered to win these wonderfully kissable books:

Sexually, I’m More of a Switzerland, Stupid Cupid, and I Slept With Joey Ramone, Star the tell-all of Warren Beatty. Winner will be announced Tuesday, Feb 16th – post below in the comments box.

Silly, romantic, shocking tales of the first pucker..let us know. And happy pre VDay to you all.

8 thoughts on “Your First Kiss

  1. My first kiss was when I was in elementary school. One of my classmate just came up to me and gave me a quick kiss on my lips. He then turned and ran away. I was so embarrassed throughout the day. I found out later it was because of a dare. Great memories.

  2. my first kiss was while sticker trading at school at the end of grade 2 when summer was over it was decided that boys or girls had germs/cooties/whatever and we never traded stickers again.

  3. 7th grade. We had a little ravine area near the elementary school (which we were banned from going to). Lunchtime would be a truth/dare game where we were sent down there to make out. It was sloppy!!!

  4. It was in grade 7. It was at an elementary school grad party. A bunch of us came, the host’s parents were upstairs and downstairs we played spin the bottle. First kiss=akward esp when everybody is watching!!

  5. My first kiss…

    I was in the seventh grade and we still hung out in the playground, but we didn’t play on the equipment, oh no… we were much too cool for that. Instead we sat on the monkey bars, or maybe the swings, usually the merry-go-round and played truth or dare.

    Most of us usually picked truth because, although we were hormonally charged, we were terrified of growing up. First kiss included! But eventually fears must be conquered and people get tired of truth, after truth, after truth. And sometimes unfortunately, ready or not, peer pressure and boredom have come together to put you smack dab into the position you definitely don’t want to be in: having to chose dare.

    So I had to pick dare, I really didn’t have a say in the matter. (Lets put our thinking caps on here for a second. We are a group of thirteen year old boys and girls. Awkward and curious. What is the first dare that would come to your mind?)

    I had to kiss this boy named Charlie. Poor Charlie was excited, I however, was not! Not only did I have to kiss him, I had to “kissss” him, tongue included! How disgusting right? I was mortified, but I also wasn’t going to be the one to chicken out.

    I did it. I was brave. I pinched my nose, squinched my eyes and kissed Charlie. It was slimy and gross and when our tongues touched I swore I would never kiss another boy again. I survived my dare, but barely survived my first kiss.

    Of course I wasn’t totally traumatized. I went on to kiss other boys. But that first one, fairy tale or not, will never be forgotten.

  6. my first kiss was in grade 3,
    it was quick, short and sweet, I didn’t even see it coming

  7. It would have to be a cat! Apparently when I was a baby the family cat loved hopping into the crib with me to sleep on top of me. My mother was terrified that it would suffocate me.
    You know how cats love to groom, so I am sure she gave me a ‘kiss’ on my cheek : )

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