Binging on philosophy, whilst having Breakfast With Socrates

For starters, it’s probably important that I tell you I’ve been on a philosophy binge over the last few months, and as someone who used to wrinkle her nose and roll her eyes at her classmates who piped up saying “I was reading (insert philosopher) last night…”, I’m surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying  it.

Breakfast with Socrates is a short, sweet, and incredibly fun read. It avoids falling into the school of academic egg headedness that in my mind so much philosophy does, and instead is a lighthearted and interesting examination of the way we structure our days the way we do, and why we should stop taking simple things for granted – like waking up, for instance.  

I’m the kind of person who sticks to a pretty ridged schedule in the morning:

6:00 am – Alarm goes off
6:15 am – Secondary emergency alarm goes off
6:15 – 6:30 – Requisite morning snooze button battle

Etc, etc.

This morning I woke up at 7:45, so you can imagine the wrench that was thrown into my morning routine: no hand ground coffee beans, no French pressed deliciousness, and certainly no time for breakfast.

Essentially, Breakfast with Socrates, takes you for a stroll in your own shoes. It asks you what you’re doing, and then offers insights as to why you’ve chosen to do things in that specific way. This morning when I was running around frantically trying to get ready I couldn’t help but think back to what I had been reading the night before, and in doing so my morning routine was no longer a simple repetitive act, but rather a carefully conceived dialogue between myself and the world around me.

I’m willing to bet that the reason I enjoyed this book so much, is first off because it excuses my obsessive compulsive morning behaviors, but secondly and probably more importantly, because it adds color to mundane everyday activities, like say, the dreaded TTC riddled morning commute.

If you’re a commuter, you definitely need to read this book, because it will make riding local transit seem like less “of a spiritual drudgery” and more of an adventure. And wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to wake up at the crack of dawn each morning if you felt like you were about to embark on something really exciting?

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