Wild Horse Annie by David Cruise & Alison Griffiths


In this captivating video, Alison Griffiths talks about Velma Johnston’s crusade to protect the wild horses of North America.

Wild Horse Annie is the newest book from Canadian authors David Cruise & Alison Griffiths that tells the real life story of Velma Johnston. In 1950, Velma was a secretary at an insurance company in Reno, Nevada. Twenty years later, she had become a national hero, responsible for spurring Congress into passing legislation that protected wild horses, a feat that cemented her renown as “Wild Horse Annie.” This stirring biography is the first to tell the story of Johnston’s life and her extraordinary dedication to the mustangs that represent the spirit of the West.

Veteran writers David Cruise and Alison Griffiths paint a vivid portrait of this intrepid woman, who survived a cruelly disfiguring bout with polio as a child and channeled her energy and intellect into her career and marriage — until she encountered a truck of injured, half-dead horses on her way to work in 1950. Those horses, destined for a pet food rendering plant, launched Johnston into a decades-long campaign against ranchers and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to stop the roundup and slaughter of mustangs. At a time when animal rights was barely a cause and women were still expected to stay at home, Johnston embarked on dangerous vigilante missions to free captured horses and document roundups, and began a highly organized one-woman campaign to raise public awareness of their plight, all while continuing to work and maintain a household.

Johnston’s courage, determination, and innovative tactics — she initiated a children’s letter-writing campaign that flooded Congress with more mail than it had received on any issue except the Vietnam War — pitted her against ranchers and powerful politicians, but eventually won her support and admiration around the world, including the friendship of celebrated children’s author Marguerite Henry, who fictionalized her story in a children’s novel.

In this absorbing and carefully researched biography, Cruise and Griffiths depict the ups and downs of a remarkable woman’s life and mission, reveal her lasting legacy, and capture the romance and magic of the wild horses that inspired her.

2 thoughts on “Wild Horse Annie by David Cruise & Alison Griffiths

  1. I just read this book and thought it was great. I read the childrens book before. I think we need more Velmas today to help all animals.

  2. Wild Horse Annie is for everyone who loves a David and Goliath story. Astonishing is the word that fits Velma Johnston. Like the wild mustangs of Nevada, she would not be restrained. Not polio, power cattle ranchers of Nevada nor corrupt Federal officials could hold her back.

    The story takes place during the heart of the 20th century when the quickening pulse of American life was radically changing how we regard women. Meticulously researched and intricately pieced together, Wild Horse Annie is satisfying on every level and definitely for everyone, not just horse lovers.

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