Drowning in…stuff

As our moving date quickly approached and our belongings remained unpacked, I settled my nerves with the knowledge that our student-living lifestyle was not all that long ago and as a result, we don’t really have that much stuff … right? Of course, as everyone warned, there is always more than you think. Needless to say, the night before our mass exodus fell somewhere between feelings of dismay and panic. We have so much stuff. I don’t know where it came from, or what all of it is, but it’s ours, and we had to move it.

After wrapping miles of packing tape around soggy cardboard boxes on the curb outside of our new digs, last night seemed like the perfect time to settle into the latter half of The Story of Stuff, by Annie Leonard.  This book is a result of the two decades Annie spent discovering where our massive piles of junk come from, and what becomes of all that stuff when it’s thrown away. 

The Story of Stuff is sobering and addictively interesting. The sheer volume of facts that I was unaware of made this read flash by, while the difficult reality, that I am a part of this system that is destroying our world, made it a book that will be with me daily. Regardless of your proximity to a big move, this book will make you reassess not only the stuff you surround yourself with, but your lifestyle in relation to the world you’re a part of.  

Annie will be in Toronto on April 20th for an event at Indigo, Manulife — check out our website for details.

You can also read Annie’s Globe and Mail interview here, her Toronto Star interview here, and her WWF Canada Earth Hour blog post here.