Booty Camp: Week 1


I am one of two lucky S&S employees who was given the chance to attend a four-week boot camp course in connection with a contest and promotion we are running with Booty Camp Fitness.

Seeing as I’m always looking for new and fun ways to stay in shape I jumped at the opportunity. You won’t find me jumping today though. Not because it wasn’t a whole lot of fun, but because I’m so sore even sitting down is a challenge!

I attended my first session on Wednesday Apr 7th at 6:45pm…in the rain. Rain or shine, booty camp goes on!  It started off harmlessly enough, we were weighed in, and had our measurements and body fat percentages taken. After that it was a blur of lunges, squats, leg lifts, running, push ups and more squats. The energy from the other participants is what spurred me on. Booty Camp stresses that we are all a team and are in this together. Despite the difficulty and intensity of the hour, there wasn’t a moment when I wanted to give up. My instructor Oksana is awesome and is constantly motivating us with jokes, encouragement and awesome music from the 80’s, 90’s and beyond! I have been wanting to ‘really’ get in shape for awhile now and I’m hoping that Booty Camp Fitness helps me kick my fitness regime into high gear. I do a lot of cardio already so I’m really looking forward to the muscle toning that booty camp will bring.

Everyone is given a Booty Camp DVD with their registration and are encouraged to do one at home session a week which brings the total number of booty camp workouts to 3 per week. My next session is tonight and I can’t wait!



OW.  I hurt.  But in a good way.  The first week of Booty Camp is definitely a shock to the system, but it feels great to be making the time I devote to exercise really count. I’ve been attending Booty Camp on Tuesdays and Thursdays and our instructor Jess has been fantastic – enthusiastic, clear with her instructions, and always available to answer questions.  I think I’ve done more squats and lunges this week than I’ve done in my entire life  and it’s great, because when I’m working out on my own, I tend to conveniently “forget” to do them.  And then I start wondering why I’m not getting any results.

So far,  I think the best thing about Booty Camp  is that’s it’s goal-oriented.  Everyone in our class has specific fitness goals they want to achieve and we’re constantly reminded of them. I’m hoping to rebuild the muscle definition I seem to have lost lounging on the couch and eating Indian take-out all winter. Got to keep your eye on the prize when your quads are on fire! I’m also cracking open the DVD this weekend and looking forward to next week.  Wish me luck! -M

Don’t forget to enter our Booty Camp contest. You could win a 4-week Booty Camp fitness Course and a copy of  The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook!

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  1. SO proud of both of you for embracing this challenge and having fun while you’re at it! Can’t wait to hear about the next session!

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