Elizabethan England=Drama!

Bestselling romance author Jane Feather steps beyond the bounds of the romance genre with this mainstream historical novel that brings Elizabethan England vividly to life!

If you think that the modern-day British Royal family is rife with scandal and intrigue then you’re in for a treat with All the Queen’s Players. Back in the day, the Elizabethan court provided the perfect setting for romance, drama, deception and seduction.

A little bit about the book:

Secretary of State Francis Walsingham recognizes the spirit and intelligence of his younger cousin Rosamund and, believing he could use her for his own purposes, arranges for her to serve as a maid of honor at Queen Elizabeth’s court. Francis instructs Rosamund to keep a sketch book and intimate diary of everything she observes and overhears in the queen’s private chambers. Rosamund, whose parents dies, was raised by her two older brothers, Edmund, a rake, and Thomas, who also works for Francis and is the lover of playwright Christopher Marlowe. She has little knowledge of courtly romance. Nonetheless, when she attracts the attention of William Creighton, an ambitious young courtier, poet and would-be playwright she enjoys the game and becomes romantically involved with him.

When Rosamund falls out of favor with the queen for her unsanctioned relationship with Will, Francis sends her to live with Mary, Queen of Scots in a remote English castle where he intends to entrap Mary. There Walsingham expects Rosamund to deliver proof that Mary has planned a conspiracy to assassinate Elizabeth, so he can have Mary executed. As the plot unfolds, Rosamund learns a great deal about love, loyalty and the deceptive, dangerous games powerful men play.

If you’re a fan of Philippa Gregory and love historical novels with a romance bent, then All the Queen’s Players is for you.