Booty Camp: Week 2


Week two under my belt and I feel GREAT! Seriously folks, this booty camp stuff is awesome! Working out outside is so invigorating and the energy I get from the other ladies in the class is empowering and motivational! This week we did a lot of ladder work. Rope ladders are laid on the ground at varying distances separated by pylons. You have to run through the ladders with high knees or spider walk through them on all fours and at each pylon you either do 5 push ups, mountain climbers or jumping jacks! After two rounds of that your heart is pumping!

I already feel like I’m gaining benefits from participating. I have more energy, I feel stronger and I swear I’m toned in places I haven’t seen tone in a while! Spring registration is open now so make sure to visit the Booty Camp Fitness site and sign up!


Totally loving booty camp.  I feel much less sore this week  – I think my body is adjusting.  It’s amazing what a difference a regular exercise routine makes;  I’m sleeping better, eating less because I’m not as hungry and I have so much more energy.  I’m hooked!  If I feel this great after 2 weeks of booty camp, I can’t wait to see how I feel after four.

This week, we tried some kick-boxing exercises and they really wiped me out.  You’re moving your arms, holding your core, and kicking your legs – it’s a full-body workout.  Plus, it’s kind of awesome to get to punch something- even if it is just my yoga mat.

Don’t forget to enter our Booty Camp contest. You could win a 4-week Booty Camp fitness Course and a copy of  The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook.