Boys and Girls Like You and Me

Aryn Kyle’s new book, Boys and Girls Like You and Me is refreshingly honest and very well written. Of course it also helps that it has the most beautiful package. Imagine reading this book on a dreary grey day. It’s the color of pure bliss, so you can’t help but want to pick it up and dive right in (I just realized there are people swimming on the cover. Whoops, sorry for the cheese).

When asked about these stories in a Q and A, Kyle said of them, “I could see my own development as a writer and as a person – could see how some characters had evolved from other characters, some storylines from other storylines. I remembered where I was in my life while I was writing each of them, who I was in love with or in hate with or hoping to impress. What music I was listening to”.  

As a reader you can’t help but reflect back on similar aspects of your own life as well. Kyle artfully draws her reader into the story, the stories in Boys and Girls Like You and Me are easily relatable, and showcase a rare talent for side stitch inducing laughter. Besides, as someone who has worked her fair share of customer service jobs, it’s hard not to love a writer whose characters have conversations like this:

 “The customer is always right?” I’d asked her.
“The customer is usually a moron ,” she said. “But if the boss has to choose a side, he will always choose theirs. With most of them, they just want to see that they’ve gotten to you. A few fake tears is all. It’s not that bad.”

So, for anyone who has ever worked a dead end job in the service industry, I give you Aryn Kyle.

To learn more about the book, visit our website (where there is a reading group guide and author Q and A).

Alternately you can also visit Aryn Kyle on her website.