French Women Don’t Get Fat


I had the wonderful opportunity of spending a few days with the lovely Mireille Guliano this week while she was in Toronto to promote her new book, The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook. 

As soon as I received my copy of the cookbook, I was so excited as I did not know what recipe to make first as everything sounds so delicious and is easy to make. This is what I love about Mireille and her cooking style, food does not have to be complicated or bad for you to taste good. For example the Magical Breakfast Crème (with no crème!) is so simple to make and is good for you and will keep you full until lunch time. Spaghetti Al Limone is perfect for a quick and healthy weekday meal – the recipe serves 4 however if there are just two of you like there are in my house, it makes for an excellent lunch the next day at work. 

Caramelized Chicken with Vegetable ‘Pancake’ is a healthy dinner and is perfect to serve during the week or to your favorite friends at a dinner party. It is simple and tastes amazing and it looks like it take a lot of effort to make so it will be sure to make an impression on whoever you serve it too! 

Madeleines au Chocolate are the perfect end to a French meal, as no meal is complete without a sweet ending. 

Of course…do not forget the champagne! Mireille not only suggests enjoying a glass of bubbly with a meal, but has an entire chapter devoted to not only drinking champagne, but cooking with it also. 

The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook is in stores now and you should run (not walk) to your local bookshop and pick up your copy today. I guarantee you will love the recipes, and drop a few pounds as a result.