Want to improve your relationships?

Lisa Oz knows a bit about relationships. Co-author of the bestselling YOU: The Owner’s Manual series and wife of Dr. Mehmet Oz, she has raised four children and is a housewife in New Jersey who moonlights as a writer, producer and entrepreneur.

Relationships are not just romantic exchanges between two people. They are how we interact with the world around us–from our closest friends to a delivery person you meet only once. But all too often, we fall into bad habits that interfere with our ability to have the most rewarding relationships possible. We begin to see ourselves as alone, isolated, or at odds with the rest of the universe. In US: The Art of Relationships, Lisa Oz offers anecdotes, research, and wisdom to help break those habits and replace them with a more holistic approach.

The book is divided into three sections. The first explores the nature of our relationship with ourselves – who we are at our core and how we can better integrate our inner and outer selves. The second focuses on interactions with others, from the most intimate connection with lovers to the way we treat the homeless. The final chapters look at the importance of a relationship with the Divine. Each section is filled with exercises designed to help readers apply the book’s message to their own lives, whether it means practicing meditation to become more attuned to the rest of the world or learning to communicate more effectively with others.

Drawing from her own experiences, Lisa shows how to apply principles from eastern and western philosophy to everyday life for a more fulfilling experience. As she shares stories from her own life, Lisa also draws on the teachings of renowned philosophers Emanuel Swedenborg, G.I. Gurdjieff , Richard Rohr and others.

Lisa Oz shows us that healthy relationships really are the key to growth of the mind, body, and spirit.