Biblical mystery inspires thrilling page-turner!

There isn’t any other way to describe author Boyd Morrison’s debut novel except THRILLING!

The Ark is a thriller centered on a modern-day, science-based, reinterpretation of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark where a combat engineer and an archeologist desperately search for the true relic of Noah’s ark to uncover the secret hidden inside before it is used to wipe out civilization as it did in Biblical times. The book was originally available only in e-book format where it grabbed the #1 spot on Kindle for e-book sales in the genre.

This book has it all! It is action-packed, fast-paced and extremely intelligent. This comes as no surprise as Boyd has a PhD in industrial engineering and is a former employee of both NASA and Microsoft. In 2003, Boyd fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a Jeopardy Champion!

There really is something for everyone in this read. Religious fanaticism, new scientific technologies and even a developing love story that keeps you glued to the page.

I, for one, am a convert to Boyd Morrison and can’t wait for his next book!

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