Ann Beattie – Walks With Men

With the hot rush of sun on your face, and a swarm of reflective-eyed people forever surging around you, what do you think of? In the depths of this summer heat, do you wonder more about the instinctual nature of people – the ineffable differences between men and women?

These hot days seem to be made for Ann Beattie’s writing. Her short fiction is known for its honesty and its unsettling accuracy in speaking the truths of a generation. In her newest novella, Walks With Men, Beattie explores a young woman’s infatuation with an older man, the answers that he promises her, and the hard reality that seeps through the cracks of their refuge.

This 102 page novella is going to sweep through these Toronto streets — let it into your summer. 

“One of our era’s most vital masters of the short form” (The Washington Post).