Conspiracy and intrigue in 1830’s Canada!

There are only a few who can do what Don Gutteridge does: make page-turners out of Canadian History. Fast-paced and addictive, Turncoat vividly portrays life in British North America under the reign of Queen Victoria. It is a tumultuous time, as Americans eye Canada for annexation, and Canadians agitate for autonomy. 

Turncoat is the first in a series starring Ensign Marc Edwards, a hero torn between his loyalty to the Crown and his growing sympathy for the Democratic Reform Movement. It’s 1836 and Edwards, of His Majesty’s 24th Regiment of Foot, is eager for some adventure. He’s been posted to the colonial backwater of Toronto, Upper Canada, and at first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much chance for excitement.  However, Edwards soon learns that the local population is openly chafing under British Rule, and the surrounding countryside turns out to be a seething hotbed of radicals, Reformers, Yankees and smugglers, in the midst of which, Edwards is given his very first assignment: investigate the mysterious death of Crown Secret Agent Joshua Smallman.

Edwards goes undercover in the small town of Crawford’s Corners. While falling for the seduction of a farmer’s wife, Marc becomes entranced with another woman, whose involvement with the murder seems increasingly sinister – Marc is in for more action than he could have anticipated. Wading into a world of secret societies and rumours of sedition, Edwards’ investigative skills and his loyalty to the Crown are put to the test.

 Look for Turncoat in bookstores July 13th