Home is where the heart is

Sylvie Woodruff has spent the last thirty some odd years being the ideal, camera-ready politician’s wife. After raising two daughters and supporting her husband as he rose through the ranks to the United States Senate, she’s come to the painful realization that her actual job is staying twenty pounds thinner than she was in law school so the bloggers don’t call her fat. When Sylvie’s world crashes down around her after a painful, public betrayal, she retreats to her grandmother’s rambling seaside home in Connecticut to wait for the scandal to blow over, and find herself again.

Sylvie’s eldest daughter, Diana, married out of friendship and respect, not love…then years later, finds herself falling for a most unsuitable man. When the affair ends badly, she sets off in search of a new beginning.

Lizzie, Sylvie’s youngest, who caused her parents such heartache as a teenage, is finally getting her life together. When a summer fling leaves her pregnant, Lizzie heads out-of-town.

Fly Away Home is about a family of women who, together, find their voices, their purpose, and the power they’ve had all along. With Weiner’s signature blend of heartbreak and humor, this stunning follow-up to one of the most popular novels of the year, (Best Friends Forever), will resonate with readers everywhere.

Fly Away Home is available in stores July 13th.