The Hanging Tree: A Starvation Lake mystery

They found her hanging in the shoe tree at the edge of Starvation Lake. 

When Gracie McBride, the wild girl who had vanished for 15 years, is found hanging in the shoe tree in an apparent suicide a short time after her homecoming, it sends shockwaves through the small town of Starvation Lake.

Gus Carpenter, executive editor of the Pine County Pilot last seen in Starvation Lake, sets out to solve the shoe tree mystery with the help of his new girlfriend Pine County Sheriff’s Deputy Darlene Esper.  As Gus and Darlene investigate, they can’t help but question if Gracie’s troubled life really ended in suicide at the gnarled oak tree filled with the dangling knotted shoes of drunks, lovers, and kids wanting to be cool that Gracie herself created 20 years ago, or if the suspicious crime scene evidence—a missing shoe, a pair of handcuffs, and traces of blood on the snow beneath her—adds up to murder.

The second book in Bryan Gruley’s irresistible and critically-acclaimed Starvation Lake series, The Hanging Tree is a compelling story about family and friendship, sex and violence, and the failure of love to make everything right.

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