Win dinner with Rob Higgins for your fantasy hockey league!

Rob Higgins doesn’t think he can help you win your hockey pool – he knows he can help. “Shenanigans,” you’re thinking. “Fool’s gold,” you’re assuming. With all the stats and injuries and real-life trades, a fantasy-win might seem more luck than anything. But, believe in Rob.  As co-host of XM Radio’s The Point: Fantasy Friday, Fantasy Hockey Columnist for The Toronto Sun, and lifelong fantasy junkie, he actually manages to make a real living off make-believe GM’ing. It’s not magic. Rob just watches a lot of games. A lot of them.

Oh, and those aren’t empty hours since they birthed the unequivocal greatest contribution to fantasy hockey ever: Higgins Hockey Fantasy Index, a rational, tried and tested, stat-based approach to fantasy. HFI measures the entire stat-pack. It’s not just about goals and assists, but more obscure and deceptively important numbers too, from blocked shots to takeaways. HFI tells you about players in their team context. HFI helps recognize not just the stars like Ovechkin and Thornton who finish five-man rushes. HFI gives props to the grinder who starts the break, the guy whose plus / minus is a diamond in the rough.  Round 1 and round 2 are easy. Round 4 and after is what really counts.

So let Rob drop you some knowledge. Listen and learn as he points out those players that are “Sick, Sick, Sick” (tier 1 beasts like the Blackhawks’ Duncan Keith or the Capitals’ Nicklas Backstrom), “Cherry Picks” (tier 2 guys, the personification of productivity and consistency; think Milan Hejduk of the Avalanche or Toronto’s Phil Kessel), or “Foxy by Proxy” (tier 3 guys that need the right context – say the right blue line partners – to succeed). Oh and keep away from those “Cherry Bombs”, dudes that stank of risk. Two words: Alexi Kovalev.

What are you waiting for? If you’re in the GTA click here to enter our contest now and let Rob help you dominate your league this season!

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