Build highly effective teams with The Orange Revolution

Want to build strong, highly motivated and proactive teams that achieve remarkable results? Look no further than The Orange Revolution. Building great teams is one of the most effective methods for boosting business results, and yet most managers are deficient in the key skills for doing so and far too many teams are outright dysfunctional.

In The Orange Revolution, the authors of the best-selling The Carrot Principle show how to apply the carrot approach to recognizing employees in order to build highly motivated and harmonious business teams that will spearhead dramatic improvements in results and innovate powerful business solutions. The Orange Revolution includes a host of stories about how teams are motivated by the carrot approach and have generated transformative results for whole companies.

Reports on results from a major study conducted by Towers Perrins showed how team-building through the carrot approach substantially improves performance, and tells stories of how teams became star performers within leading companies when their managers adopted the carrot approach, including Apple, American Express, and Pepsi.

The authors show how the best teams operate and distill out of their extensive research the five vital characteristics of good teamwork:

  • strong clarity of goals
  • greater trust among team members
  • more open and honest dialogue
  • strong accountability for all team members
  • high-quality peer-to-peer recognition of team members’ contributions

Whether you manage a serving team at your local wing joint or are the manager of a large team in a multinational finance company, pick up a copy today and get on the road to building a more efficient and effective team.