The Search for WondLa

NEW from Tony DiTerlizzi, the co-creator of the wildly popular Spiderwick Chronicles, comes the next kids’ classic!

The Search for WondLa follows a human girl named Eva Nine who has been raised in an underground sanctuary by a robot named Muthr. After her home is destroyed, Eva emerges into the aboveground world for the first time in search of other humans. Along the way, she makes two unexpected friends who accompany her as she seeks to discover the truth about herself.

You can visit the website at, read an illustrated excerpt, or try the very addictive WondLa spot-the-difference game here.

Find out what makes WondLa so special!

2 thoughts on “The Search for WondLa

  1. Just finished the advanced proof copy. Even with uncorrected errors, and illustrations yet to come, the story kept my interest. I was impressed with the insight of this book.
    The Search for Wondla is a great addition to the genre of dystopic science fiction. It will likely attract a younger audience (8 years and up) than a book like Uglies, but is as important.

  2. The book was very intense but also heard to follow. If you like adventure and mysteries this is a great book for you. It took me a long time to read this book because I couldn’t get ” in” to the book. I still though, really liked the book and I can not wait for the second one!

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