Vince Flynn’s American Assassin

American Assassin—Out October 12

Hitting bookstore shelves today is American Assassin, the latest pulse-pounding Mitch Rapp thriller by bestselling author Vince Flynn.

American Assassin introduces us to the young Rapp before he was a globe-trotting CIA assassin. Rapp was a gifted and carefree college athlete, until he was forced to deal with a monumental personal tragedy. After losing his high school sweetheart on the doomed Pan Am Flight 103, Rapp was not interested in comfort—he wanted vengeance.

When the CIA needed men who will work outside the normal chain of command, men who will kill for their country, Rapp is their prime candidate. American Assassin follows Rapp’s recruitment by his protégée Irene Kennedy, his grueling training, and his eventual dispatch out into the world. From Istanbul to Hamburg to Beirut, Rapp leaves a trail of bodies—and a lot of destruction—behind him.

A brutally realistic and action-packed thriller, American Assassin shows how it all began.

Here’s Flynn talking about his plans for Mitch Rapp, the plot of American Assassin, and Pursuit of Honor:

Join Vince Flynn in Toronto Friday October 29th at 7pm, at the Indigo Manulife Centre on Bloor St. W. Vince will talk about American Assassin, take your questions, and sign copies of his book.