Out Now! Scott Westerfeld’s BEHEMOTH

The follow-up to Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan is out now!

In his own words, Scott talks about the world Behemoth is set in, and the historical events it is based on:

“It’s World War I, but with a difference. The ‘Darwinist’ powers (England, France and Russia) have learned to create new species of animals that serve as living machines: message lizards, fighting hawks, and living airships. The ‘Clanker’ powers (Germany and Austria) use fantastic machines, like diesel-powered battleships that walk on land. As these two sides clash, our characters travel the world, trying to find the key to peace.

In the first months of the war, the Ottoman Empire wasn’t sure which side it would join. Both England and Germany tried to convince it to side with them, but the Germans were much smarter about it. This led to the Ottomans joining the Central Powers and making the war last much longer. So I thought, what if my characters were clever enough to swing them the other way? At least it’s worth a try.”

Want to know more? Read an excerpt!