Born To Bark

Born to Bark, the charming new memoir by psychologist and beloved dog expert Stan Coren tells the story of his relationship with an irrepressible gray Cairn terrier named Flint. Stan immediately loved the pup for his friendly nature and indefatigable spirit, though his wife soon found the dog’s unpredictable exuberance difficult to deal with, to say the least.
Even though Flint drove Stan’s wife up the wall, he became the joy of Stan’s life. The key to unlocking this psychologist-author’s way of looking at dog behavior, Flint also became the inspiration behind Coren’s classic, The Intelligence of Dogs.
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14 thoughts on “Born To Bark

  1. Oh, my gosh – this book would be so perfect for us. We have 2 little dogs with very interesting personalities. Maddie is so insecure, but barks and growls at dogs that are bigger than her. Patches is much more laid back, even though she is still a puppy. They are so much fun to have in our lives.

  2. My dog wasn’t a big barker, but some things got her going. One thing was balloons. I think she couldn’t understand why this ball shaped thing moved around the house different than balls. Whenever anyone had a balloon, she went insane – barking and bouncing and even sometimes growling at it. one time we had helium balloons. This really got her going. Why is the ball sitting on the ceiling? Why won’t it come down? lol

  3. My foundling from Florida, a German Pinscher, barks at everything and drives other people insane, but I still love her. Otherwise, she is a loving, loyal wonderful companion dog.

  4. My sisters dog loves human food. He would steal food out of the kids hands when they were tiny and waving it around!

  5. My daughter’s dog…. is he a vegetarian? On every walk, he finds something to eat! A daffodil bulb…. a pear… a leaf! Of course you can tell him “put it down”… but he thinks that is a joke, when he can eat it! Carrots and apple slices at home don’t diminish this unusual appetite!

  6. When I was first dating my husband, we went to his parents house for dinner one night and I met their dog. He was just wild! He ran around in circles as fast as he could for about half an hour after we arrived, he chewed on everything in sight and would howl every time he heard a noise outside.

    After dinner, I went to the washroom and passed by the dog clawing at the door to get out. I went to chain him outside but it was dark and I missed his collar with the hook and he took off. My husbands mom freaked! They said he didin’t know better than to run on the road. We drove around looking for him but couldn’t find him. I was so upset I was crying. A neighbor did end up rounding him up later that evening but I never tried to chain him out again!

  7. Wow, I need this book as I have 3 busy dogs, Pookie is a Bichon and at 13 not doing well so I have to carry him everywhere. Sparkey is a 2 year old maltese who barks non-stop and Lucky is 6 months, a cockapoo and digging in the back yard all the time, chewing on everything in site! Last week alone he chewed 3 pair of my reading glasses chewed right through 2 leashes and somehow got the collar off Sparkey and chewed it in half. I am at home all day but I tell you when hubby comes home at 6, I hand them over just like when my sons were small

  8. Our dog starts barking nonstop when the mailman comes to the door. Also, she keeps stealing the cookies from my little nephew’s hand.

  9. fun book……….my two dogs are a handful Abby is a boxer mix and 12 yrs old. Henry is a Bichon and he is 3. They are like Mutt and Jeff but what fun they are.

  10. In my lifetime I have had about 14 dogs who were dearly loved and always a big part of our family. Now in our senior years we dont have a puppy as they are a lot of work to be looked after properly bit we still enjoy our kids dogs Aurura and Nova Would love to have a tiny white pup with a partly black face but ….oh well!!!!!

  11. My current dog, Ben, is a piece of work. He’s a very hyper and intelligent Chocolate Lab. He has managed to train us in order to get what he wants. For example…for some reason he’s got it in his head that whenever we have visitor’s he gets a treat. He will greet the visitor’s at the door and then run over to the cupboard where we keep his treats and sit. I am not sure but I think perhaps he wants to show our guests the tricks that he can do.

  12. Our neighbors dog ran into our home yesterday, making our 16 year old cat leap into my arms with wild eyes! Amazing how much havoc a dog can do in 15 seconds!

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