Cake Contest entries – Vote for your fave!

We’re blown away by the entries to our Canadian Cake boss contest and we’ve got a tough decision to make. Have a look at all the entries below and let us know which cake is your favourite.


#1: Ana’s wedding cake

Ana made this lovely wedding cake for a friend’ s wedding.









#2: Pat’s Circus Cake

Pat made this super-fun birthday cake for her nephew’s 2nd birthday.









#3: Angela’s birthday cake

Angela made this birthday cake for a friend and hand-modeled the flowers herself!










#4: Maria’s Thanksgiving Cake

Maria made this gorgeous harvest cake in celebration of Thanksgiving.










#5: Liz’s wedding shower cake

Liz made this Cinderella-style cake for a friend’s wedding shower.




#6 : Greg’s Car Cake

Greg: “I made this cake for my car club’s reunion dinner… I dyed it myself too which turned my hands bright red, which was fun explaining to everyone that night. It was a big hit.”



#7: Debbie’s baby shower cake

Debbie made this lovely cake for her niece’s baby shower.




#8 Stephanie’s Wedding Cake

Stephanie made this a two-tiered chocolate cake with fudge icing for a friend’s wedding.








Our panel of judges will select the winner on Dec 1st, 2010, but before they do, we want to know what you think!  Vote for your favourite cake below!

19 thoughts on “Cake Contest entries – Vote for your fave!

  1. I vote for LIZ=

    #5: Liz’s wedding shower cake

    Liz made this Cinderella-style cake for a friend’s wedding shower.

  2. Maria has my vote! Look at the detail!!! Anyone would have a Happy Thanksgiving with a dessert like that.

  3. Maria’s is definitely the best – it’s so creative and so dynamic. It’s such ‘eye candy’!!

  4. I absolutley love Stephanie’s wedding cake, hands down. The design of the cake is just perfect not too much and not too little. My husband and I are planning on renewing our vows in the near future and would love to have Stephanie design our cake. Great job stephanie, Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

  5. Maria’s cake is so creative and fantastic looking!! Great job – I cant wait to see her next creation!!!

  6. Maria gets my vote all the way from england! Ok we don’t do thanks giving but if I could have a cake like that on the menu I’ll help celebrate every year!

  7. Liz’s cake rocks! Her cake is the best – I wish my wedding shower cake had looked like that.

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