The Royal Wedding of the century is coming!

It’s the engagement that’s been eight years in the making. Now that Prince William has finally popped the question to his lady-love Kate Middleton, planning for the royal wedding can commence!

And only S&S Canada has the complete insider story. William and Kate: A Royal Love Story by Christopher Andersen is the first complete account of the storybook romance between Wills and Kate, released in time for their wedding, which is taking place Friday, April 29th 2011.

The book takes an intimate look at this unlikely love story that has captivated the world. Aside from the fact that royal weddings are always an internationally celebrated event, when she marries Prince William, Kate Middleton will be the first non-blueblood since the 1600s to marry a future British Monarch! The two have been famously quiet on the subject of their on-again, off-again relationship, and in this book Andersen reveals many details of the royal love affair for the first time. Including:

  • William’s romantic conquests before–and during–his decade-long affair with Kate, as well as the other men in her life.
  • Who was really behind their headline-making breakup–and how Kate won back her Prince.
  • The Palace intrigues that have threatened to derail the relationship.
  • New information on the Queen’s surprising plans for William and Kate–historic changes that will forever change the face of the monarchy.

And much, much more.

For many, William and Kate’s union represents an opportunity to recapture the magic—the compelling and complicated legacy—of his beloved mother Diana, Princess of Wales. Part glittering fairy tale, part searing family drama, part political potboiler, part heart-stopping cliff-hanger, theirs is, above all else, an affair to remember.

This hardcover book is complete with two beautiful full color photo inserts.

Available in stores Dec 21st.