@wayfaringreader Knits a Corgi!

Last week we posted an excerpt from KNIT YOUR OWN ROYAL WEDDING that provided the instructions for a knit corgi. Over the weekend, intrepid Twitter friend and freelance book publicist @wayfaringreader attempted the project, and it looks fantastic! Check out these pictures she so nicely took of the process:

Corgi bits




Body, legs, ears and white chest stitched together


Finished corgi


Standing ovation for The King’s Speech Oscar win… naturally.


Thanks so much for sharing these photos with us!


Knit Your Own Royal Wedding is in stores on March 29th.

2 thoughts on “@wayfaringreader Knits a Corgi!

  1. I’m not sure about wanting to knit the rest of the wedding party but that’s a very cool Corgi – and I love his standing ovation!

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