Tucker Max meets Neil Strauss in Get Laid or Die Trying

Get Laid or Die Trying is the story of one man’s year-long, utterly shameless and insanely successful quest to get laid or die trying. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of pickup techniques gleaned from an underground society dedicated to the art of seduction, Jeff Allen careens through San Francisco, leaving a trail of threesomes, strippers and one-night stands in his wake. His shocking memoir strips away the myths of modern courtship, revealing the stark, unvarnished truth of the entire game.

Highlights include:

  • Attracting the girl you want by sleeping with all of her friends
  • Getting into the pants of the hottest girl at the party—a total stranger—in less than thirty minutes
  • Deflecting last-minute resistance with a single word
  • Pulling a chick who is surrounded by ten jealous guys
  • Cutting out enormous dudes that could easily pound you to a “fine red mist”

Move over Tucker Max, Allen is the original pickup artist, the man whose outrageous personal experiences spawned an entire genre of bestselling books.

Visit Jeff’s dating website Real Social Dynamics

In stores March 29, 2011.