Royal Wedding fever!

With the Royal Wedding happening this Friday it seems that everyone, everywhere has the royal family on the brain!

And here at S&S things are no different. So to add to the wedding fever, we’re giving you the chance to win a copy of Monica Ali’s upcoming novel Untold Story. Ali is the author of In the Kitchen and Brick Lane, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

This is a riveting novel inspired by Princess Diana and explores the idea, what if the beloved icon had not died in the Paris tunnel– who would she be today?

Taking the world’s most famous woman as a point of departure, Untold Story is a novel about the cost of celebrity, the meaning of identity, and the possibility of reinventing a life. Like Diana, the fictional princess who is the novel’s heroine is both icon and iconoclast. Will she ever find peace and happiness in her own life, or will the curse of fame always be too great?

For the millions of Diana fans and royal family lovers the world over, this unique and compelling look at who Diana might have been in her late forties is a must read.
Email with the subject line Diana by Monday May 2nd for your chance to win an advance readers copy. Canadian entries only please.
Untold Story is in bookstores this June.

One thought on “Royal Wedding fever!

  1. Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway! Congratulations to
    -Judy of Edmonton
    -Lori of Toronto
    -Erika of Mississauga
    -Chris of Toronto
    -Barb of Winnipeg
    -Wonn of Kingston
    -Connie of LaSalle
    -Janet of Hebbville
    -Ronald of North Bay
    -Silvana of Edmonton
    -Larry of North West Brook
    -Linda of Surrey
    -Jane of Irricana
    -Janet of Toronto

    You will all be receiving an ARC of Monica Ali’s upcoming novel Untold Story. Happy Reading!

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