Summer thrills!

Looking for the perfect book to send chills up and down your spine on a hot summer night? Then look no further.

Debut novelist Jennifer Hillier’s Creep is a fast-paced, edgy, psychological suspense novel about a sexually addicted college professor terrorized by her teaching assistant.

Dr. Sheilah Tao, professor of psychology at Puget Sound University, knows that she should break off her affair with grad student Ethan Wolfe, especially now that her engagement to long-term fiancée Morris is official. She is counting on Ethan to take the high road, after all it’s just been a few months. But she has underestimated the depth of his obsession with her — as well as his mental stability. Soon she realizes that she has inadvertently given him access to information that could not only end her relationship with Morris, but also destroy her reputation, her career, even her own life!

Creep is an addictive page-turner that will draw you into the world of sexual obsession.

Jennifer Hillier was born in Toronto, which is where she spent the first three decades of her life. When her husband was offered a transfer to Seattle, she didn’t know which would be worse: leaving Canada or moving to the West Coast. She spent her first few months on American soil bemoaning her existence and writing her first novel. Now nicely settled in the Pacific Northwest, the only thing she misses — other than family and friends — is snow.

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 Creep is in stores July 5th.