Read three fall thrillers before they hit the shelves!

While I know your shelves are likely stocked with fantastic reads to while away the summer months, I wanted to let you know about three of our upcoming fall thrillers and give you the chance to receive advance reader’s copies well before they hit bookstore shelves!

First up is Alma Katsu’s The Taker. The blogosphere is already buzzing about this debut novel that blends elements of alchemy, immortality, sensuality and betrayal in the tale of a love affair spanning 200 years. Immortality may seem enticing…but everything comes at a price.

Alma Katsu talks about The Taker

Next is Javier Sierra’s long-awaited follow-up to The Secret Supper. The Lost Angel is a heart pounding apocalyptic thriller about a Middle Eastern terrorist group that will stop at nothing to get their hands on a mysterious pair of 16th century stones used for communicating with God. Is it possible that angels walk among us?

Javier Sierra talks about The Lost Angel

And lastly, is a debut thriller from British author Dean Crawford, Covenant. Humanity has always believed it is the only intelligent species in the universe. But what if the story of mankind is not as we know it? Archaeologist Lucy Morgan uncovers a seven-thousand-year-old tomb holding bones alien to our world. It’s the biggest discovery in history…but there are some things man was never meant to know.

Praise for Covenant:

“Get the cameras rolling–Indiana Jones meets Alien. What a combination of mystery, suspense, and unspeakable horror. I loved it!”  
R.L. Stine
“With scarily realistic science, earth-shattering intrigue and hyperdrive action, Covenant marks the launch of a major new talent in the thriller world.”
Scott Mariani, author of The Mozart Conspiracy

We only have a limited quantity of each of these titles available so act quickly! Email me at with the subject line THRILLS and let me know which one(s) you’d like to receive. Closes July 31st, 2011. Canadian addresses only please.

Thank you to those who have entered. The contest is now closed. Winners will be contacted shortly.

78 thoughts on “Read three fall thrillers before they hit the shelves!

  1. Thank you very much. All of them are great books but I sent a request for Covenant.

  2. I sent an email requesting for the Covenant (looks like a great book) i wasn’t sure if i should post my mail information as well on the email…

  3. I would really love to receive your book the “Covenant”. I am an admirer of yours and my 5 siblings who would love to say how much they appreciate your fine work.

  4. Thank you for the offer all 3 books sound amazing! I sent my mailing address and book request to the email provided!

  5. All of them sound intriguing but The Taker is the one I’d love to read first.

  6. the email i sent didnt go it said the address didnt work i would like the takers if u could email me that would be great

  7. Yoohoo! All three look great and I want them all but since I have to choose, it would be either Covenant or The Taker.


  8. All 3 of them are up my alley and I need a break away from watching movies as we prepare volume 2 of our Movies About Women movie review guide book. I soooo look forward to getting them. S>

  9. It would be amazing to be able to read these authors that are new to me, and to be able to share with my friends if I find them enjoyable. With a Simon and Schuster backing I am sure they are fabulous.

  10. The Taker sounds really interesting would love to read it…or the other two as well

  11. I too would love all 3 of them BUT wasn’t greedy and asked for the Covenant but omg i love new books to read 😀

  12. All 3 books sound great but I favor Covenant even though there isn’t a video. I love the praising comment from by R.L. Stine.
    I have no problem with receiving all 3 books if you would like to send them to me it would be very much appreciated.

  13. All 3 books sound great but think Covenant would be more my style

  14. I would love to read all three! They sound so very interesting and I would love to read them all!

  15. I would love to read them all. They sound like they would capture my interrest

  16. I’ll take Covenant, or Taken – either or, they both look great! The other one would be great too, I’m sure, but since I haven’t read the first one, it doesn’t make much sense…

  17. 3 great sounding books! “The Lost Angel” intrigues me the most but “The Taker” also sounds like a good read. Love reading new books from authors I haven’t tried yet.

  18. I would love to have either one to read or both.thank You for this fantastic offer!!

  19. Such a generous offer! I am excited about the possibility of reading any of these suspense-filled books!

  20. I would love to win them all, but The Taker & Covenant look especially interesting!

  21. I would love to win them all, but The Taker and the Covenant look really good!

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