Take us on your hundred-foot journey!

I’ve been reading Richard Morais’ The Hundred-Foot Journey. With his descriptions of the smells and colours and bursting tastes of food in mind, I went off to Old Montreal. It’s an immersive and exhilarating place where consumption is not just necessity, but art, too.

The hum of a crowd may have drawn you to a café with exotic flags and awnings that stretch over the sidewalks. Or, perhaps you have your own secret haunt – a favourite restaurant, tucked in the corner of a quiet old neighborhood. Wherever you are, there are those first moments of interaction, of smells seeping through doorways and open windows, tastes pulsing like static through the air. These are the places we want to know about.

Write a description or link to a photo of your haven of taste in the comments to this post. Let us know where your hundred-foot journey takes you, then enter to win one of five copies of The Hundred-Foot Journey, by Richard Morais.

20 thoughts on “Take us on your hundred-foot journey!

  1. My 100 Foot Journey is a little tea stall deep in the medina of Fez. I wandered into it by accident and the lovely shopkeeper invited me to sit down with her and have a glass of mint tea and pastries with her and resisted any attempts for payment. Although my Berber and Arabic were non existent and her English fractured, we managed to communicate through the universal exchange of smiles.

  2. My hundred foot journey goes to my back yard where the garden grows abundant and my pasture where my natural, grass finished beef cattle happily graze in the sun. A few feet shorter are cupboards freezers full of food from our own land, water from our well. You can see photos at my blog: http://mystic-mom.blogspot.com

  3. All these stories are making me jealous, and hungry! I don’t have a 100 foot journey to speak of yet, but we are traveling all over France in about two months, so hopefully I will have many “journeys” to share soon!

  4. Not so much this year as last (since I was away from home for a month), my backyard garden is full of delicious tomatoes, carrots, herbs, and peppers.

  5. We went to the falls close to our house and as I was fishing my boyfriend Brian asked me to pick a new hook for him. I went over and was looking in the fly box and when I looked up he was holding a ring and proposed! It just goes to show you some of the most special and dear places in our hearts are in our own backyard!

  6. My hundred foot journey takes me to the local farmers market. The sights and smells always give me such a warm comforting feeling. I always try something new each time

  7. My hundred foot journey takes me to Istanbul and the famous Spice Market. It’s intoxicating and vibrant. It made me want to taste all the unusual spices you don’t see in the grocery store.

  8. My hundred foot journey takes me to the backyard where I watch my daughter play on her swing set including pushing her stuffed friends on it or sneaking fresh berries of the blackberry, raspberry or strawberry bushes.

  9. My hundred foot journey takes me to the local farmers market… so much to choose from! Fresh local produce, artisanal cheese, fresh baked pastries and breads….

  10. My hundred foot journey takes me to a quaint fifties style diner with real home cooking and cherry cokes! Don’t forget the poodle skirts, pony tails and a big slice of home made apple pie with ice cream on the side!

  11. my journey of flavours, aromas and foodie temptations were in the pictoresque village markets in the South of France: unpasteurized cheeses of different colours and textures, sausages and charcuteries made by the farmers and their families, the endless variety of hams, the live animals (rabbits, chickens, birds of different kinds) for fresh cooking. It was my favourite place to be. Even the fruits were perfect and brimming with juice. It was a foodie paradise. The beaches and scenery were lovely but the food was the pinnacle of my trip to the villages on the way to the south of France.

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