Adult fiction writers go YA!

Being an adult, I always have the odd person give me the stink-eye when I mention how much I love YA.  However, more often than not, I get the elated smile from whomever I have told and hear “me too!”  Truth is, for anyone twenty and up, YA is the answer to their teenage dreams – just a little too late.  When I was in my teens, I never recall there being a whole lot of choice with fiction for younger readers.  Once you got passed The Giver and the earlier Harry Potter books, there wasn’t much else.  By the time I was fourteen, I was finding myself cute little chicklit books (or anything to do with magic) in the adult section.

Now, YA has become a universe in itself.  Paranormal YA has emerged in stunning proportions and realistic fiction continues to help guide teens through their tough teenage years.  As a publishing house, we are so thankful to have an assortment of talented writers in all different sub-genres of YA and have a list of some of the most powerful YA fiction on the shelves.

The rising popularity of YA has breached the walls of fiction and is now beginning to attract more than just teen and adult readers – it is also attracting adult fiction writers.  Richard Paul Evan’s YA novel Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 came out in August of this year and in the coming months, Philippa Gregory, Jodi Picoult and Kathy Reichs (though not for the first time) will all be releasing YA novels!  Writers are constantly looking for a new challenge – something to dive into that is both new and exciting – and right now, YA is it!  Whether it is because you can suspend your disbelief and allow yourself to fall into a magical world, or be transported back to those years when you felt awkward and excited about everything, adults are turning back to YA.

Philippa plans to write historical romances about young lovers, Jodi collaborates with her daughter to write a modern fairytale, and Kathy follows up Virals with a new book in the series called Seizure.  Keep your eyes peeled to those shelves for these novels coming up next year!
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