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Simon reads – and recommends!

Books are our job, but not just that  — they are our obsession. Being surrounded by innumerable books daily ensures that none of us ever say “I have nothing to read”, and we don’t want you to either!  So, from now until Christmas, each Thursday, one of our own will let you know what they are reading and loving, where and when you can get it and any interesting tid-bits of info we can get you on it.

Get to know what we like to read, ask for more recommendations or feel free to comment on the posts with your own thoughts on the book.  Happy Reading!

First up is our Sales Operations Associate, Sian!  Read her review of the fifth Spellmans book, set to come out next February so there’s lots of time for you to read the first four!

Sian’s Review

I have two confessions to make this morning. First, I judge people who read while they’re walking down the street. I think it’s silly that they can’t be bothered to put their book down for five minutes and avoid walking into people. Second, THE TRAIL OF THE SPELLMANS has been on the reader site for a few weeks, and I didn’t mention it because I hoped no-one else would notice and that I would be the first person here to read it. I think you can see where this is going.

I started reading THE TRAIL OF THE SPELLMANS last night on the streetcar (on my Blackberry, no less) and when I got to my stop I figured there were few enough people around and the type was big enough that I could, you know, just read for a little longer while I walked. Then I got in my house, started reading it on my laptop instead. Then I kept reading until after my boyfriend got home and was annoyed because APPARENTLY I forgot to order pizza. And then around 9pm I finished it.

You need to read this book. Well, first, you need to read THE SPELLMAN FILES, CURSE OF THE SPELLMANS, REVENGE OF THE SPELLMANS, and then THE SPELLMANS STRIKE AGAIN. But THEN you need to read this book. Lisa Lutz is so brilliant, hilarious, witty, and touching that I just can’t get over it. I thought I said my goodbyes to the Spellmans with the third book, and then the fourth book, but this book ended just so perfectly (not how I wanted, but perfectly) that I wasn’t as sad to say goodbye again. These people get under your skin and into your heart and you just want them to be real so you can go hang out with them and give them hugs.

If Simon & Schuster would let me, I would make it my full time job to make people read these books so they can see how amazing and wonderful and great they are. But, sadly, my talents are needed elsewhere, so let’s all tell someone else how amazing and wonderful and great these books are so we can sell thousands of millions of copies and Lisa Lutz can get the attention she deserves.

The eBook version of The Spellman Files is on sale for only $1.99! Get your copy from your favourite eBook retailer.

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  1. Awesome idea! 🙂 I love hearing about other people’s recommendations! Definitely adding The Spellmen Files to my to-read list 🙂

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