Weldon Owen Cookbooks

I have never been a cookbook buyer.  When it comes to talents, combining flavours and textures for delectable taste has never been my specialty — until I met the eccentric publishers of Weldon Owen.  During my visit to the Simon & Schuster New York offices, I had the opportunity to see publishers present their own books with such vigor and passion.  They displayed their recent releases with pride and passed them around the table so we could all hold their brilliance in our hands.  As Weldon Owen passed around their most recent  cookbook, I found myself actually salivating.  The photography that accompanies their books along with the design of each page itself is given such astute attention that I could almost feel the warmth from the soup bowl on the front cover.  The name Williams Sonoma near the top of the page illustrates the nearly twenty year working relationship between the two.  One that has proved quite fruitful.  Everything you see between the pages has been constructed and photographed with such elegance that I immediately decided that maybe cooking seemed more appealing than I thought.

Books with titles like Comfort Food are saviors to fresh-out-of-school-out-on-my-own people like me!  While I sat dreaming of my mom’s homemade dinners and reflecting on my own measly attempt at making anything edible for dinner, Weldon Owen was making books to entice me to cook.

Need a boost?  Check this out.  If you’re already a cookbook fan, make some space on your shelves becomes these guys will find their way into your kitchen – I guarantee it.