I am Canadian

There are so many things that make me feel patriotic: listening to our national anthem, hearing the Hockey Night In Canada theme music, visiting Parliament Hill, drinking Timmies or listening to Shania Twain. But even more than these things is the general feeling one has about being proud to be a Canadian. Wherever I travel, when people find out I’m Canadian they are always full of compliments. “Oh, Canadians are so friendly,” or, “Canada is so clean, so beautiful.” We are known for our beautiful landscapes and friendly citizens, and are so much more than maple syrup, beavers and hockey!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada is a tribute to all things Canadian, from cottage country memories, to Remembrance Day, to the often subzero temperatures, there are stories in this collection that will speak to the heart of every Canadian, at home or abroad.

To promote the release of this book we have launched our own “Share Your Canadian Story” on Facebook. Whether it’s about your daily life, your travels across Canada, sports, family, traditions or any story that makes you think ‘Canada.’ We want to hear it! Click here to submit your story and enter to win a copy of CSS: O Canada.

With a foreward by famous Canadian singer-songwriter Amy Sky, lyrics from Liona Boyd’s upcoming album, and stories from Marc Jordan, Matt Duchene and others, this will be a welcome addition to every Canadian’s bookshelf, eh?

Check out an excerpt.