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It’s that time again!  This Thursday, Ebooks Sales Associate Santiago recommends a magical book for your weekend — Felix J. Palma’s The Map of Time.  Check out his review under the video!

There are very few books one can consider magical, even fewer are the ones that accompany you day after day and inspire awe in the world again.The Map of Time, is for me one of those books. With elegant, yet simple prose it guides the reader through an adventure constructed around the works of science-fiction author H.G. Wells.

Capturing the mood of Victorian London, during a time when Jack the Ripper wondered the streets and science was viewed with both apprehension and curiosity (or just as magic;. Felix J. Palma takes us through the adventures of Captain Shackelton, an actor pretending to be a time traveler that gets trapped in his own paradox. The reader also follows H.G. Wells as he helps a young boy overcome his despair after the woman he had fallen in love with is killed by Jack the Ripper. Wells achieves this by playing with the boy’s expectations of time travel: basically hiring some actors and then cleverly using quantum theory to explain why the “fair maiden” didn’t come to life (she is in a alternate universe).

This is a great novel written with such ease and elegance that you cannot pass it up. If you are looking for a great book to read, gift and share this is the title for you.

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  1. Do pick it up Natalie! Felix list his biggest influence as being Julio Cortazar, one of the greatest fantasy short story writers in Latin America as well as the author of Rayuela. I highly reccomend you read “Bestiary”.

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