Simon Recommends (7)

This week, Executive Assistant (and baker extraordinaire), Judy, recommends two books from one of our UK authors, A.D. Scott: A Small Death in the Great Glen and A Double Death on the Black Isle.  Read her lovely review after the video!

I would like to recommend a debut series by  a new author, A.D. Scott.   The writing is compelling and the stories true to the British murder mystery genre…I truly enjoyed them and am sure you will too.

In the first book, A Small Death in a Great Glen, set in the Highlands of 1950s Scotland, a boy is found dead in a canal lock.  Two young girls tell such a fanciful story of his disappearance that no one believes them.  They are the daughters of  Joanne Ross, a young woman who is struggling with an abusive marriage and is the part time typist at the local newspaper.  Along with her boss, a journalist from Glasgow determined to revamp the paper, she sets out to investigate the crime.  Among the characters in the story are a refugee Polish sailor, an Italian family whose café boasts the first known cappuccino machine in the north of Scotland, a corrupt town clerk, and the “travelers”.  It is a great setting and a wonderful story.

The second book, A Double Death on the Black Isle continues with lives of Joanne, her daughters and the staff at the Highland Gazette.   Joanne is invited to the Black Isle for a weekend getaway, but when two deaths occur on the same day—involving the same families from the same estate—  Joanne is given the byline because she has an in..the woman at the centre of the story is one of her oldest friends.    She struggles with her loyalty to her friend and her desire to succeed at her first major piece.   As in the first book the investigation by the staff of the Gazette reveals secrets that will forever change this quiet, remote part of the Highlands.