Simon Likes

With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to reread some of your favourite books. We asked our charming staff at Simon & Schuster Canada to share some of their top picks with you. Next up, I, the marketing intern, recommend Go Ask Alice.

I first read Go Ask Alice when I was in middle school. It shook me then as it shook me now, rereading it so many years later. It’s the real diary of an anonymous fifteen-year-old girl, originally published in 1971. It starts off being about school and crushes, as any teenage diary might, but sharply swerves when she tries LSD for the first time. She’s instantly hooked and soon moves onto other drugs. The story follows her descent as she weaves in and out of addiction, sharing with her diary her deepest emotions and secrets.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking as the reader follows a girl who never truly changes herself, but who rather becomes buried by drugs, save for the spurs when she breaks through, yearning to restore her life back to what it once was. Her story ropes you in, wishing you could have been there to support her, to help her escape, but the saddest part of all is knowing that neither you nor anyone else could have.

2 thoughts on “Simon Likes

  1. Wow, thanks for the reminder about this book! This is the first book I remember reading as a young(ish) girl. I was really affected by it and it always stayed with me, only recently have I forgotten the name if it. I’ll be sure to re-read it. I found that the anonymous author added an element of intrigue to it as well.

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