Memoir Mondays: Immortal Bird

Memoirs have the power to move us, connect with us and allow us to share life changing experiences with people we’d otherwise never have the chance to know. Every Monday, we’re pleased to feature a memoir and open a window to someone else’s life.

Immortal Bird is the story a gifted child named Damon Weber. He was born with a malformed heart and underwent several surgeries when he was young, but his condition never got in the way of his spirit and talent. He was a charmer with the girls in his middle school class, he excelled academically, and, on his days off, he enjoyed karate, kayaking, soccer and skiing. A creative writer and budding actor, he made an appearance on HBO’s Deadwood.

However, as Damon got older, he developed another heart illness. Doctors had no answers. While Damon continued to chase after his passions and talents, his father, Doron, searched for a solution in the flawed health care system. Immortal Bird is about a father’s struggle to save his son’s life in a race against time. Have a look inside the heart-wrenching memoir.