Luther: The Calling

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the British psychological crime drama television series Luther, starring Idris Elba. Idris Elba won the Golden Globe award for best actor in a miniseries at the 2012 awards.

Idris Elba as DCI Luther

But did you know that Luther was originally a book? Luther: The Calling, a novel written by Neil Cross, is a prequel to the first television season. Season 3 is expected to air late 2012 or early 2013.

In The Calling we meet Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. He’s a murder detective. A near-genius. He’s brilliant; he’s intense; he’s instinctive. He’s obsessional. He’s dangerous.

DCI John Luther has an extraordinary clearance rate. He commands outstanding loyalty from friends and colleagues. Nobody who ever stood at his side has a bad word to say about him. And yet there are rumours that DCI Luther is bad—not corrupt, not on the take, but tormented. Luther seethes with a hidden fury that at times he can barely control. Sometimes it sends him to the brink of madness, making him do things he shouldn’t; things way beyond the limits of the law.

The Calling, the first in a new series of novels featuring DCI John Luther, takes us into Luther’s past and into his mind. It is the story of the case that tore his personal and professional relationships apart and propelled him over the precipice. Beyond fury, beyond vengeance. All the way to murder…

One of our Goodreads ARC winners wrote us with her feedback about the novel and it was just too good not to share. Sandra writes:

Thanks to Mr. Cross, I got nothing done this past Saturday.  I picked up my advance copy of “Luther: The Calling” from my mailbox Friday evening and, being a huge fan of the television series already, the book called my name all Friday night.  I started reading on Saturday morning and didn’t put it down again until I had finished it that same day.  I absolutely loved it! 
Mr. Cross wondered if he had done justice to Idris Elba’s portrayal of Luther and he most certainly did.  I could see Mr. Elba from the very first line of the book where Luther is striding into the hospital.  There have only been a couple of instances where I have seen a TV series or movie and THEN read the book(s) and this is one of them.  I think I actually prefer this way around, particularly when you have someone of Idris Elba’s calibre playing the title role.  He added much to the character and the book added much to my understanding of him as well.  If you have not seen the television series, the book will certainly give an excellent introduction to all of the characters as well as a lot of insight into their motivations.
The writing was top-notch and, as I said, I could not put it down.  The fractures in the Zoe/John relationship are there just waiting to crack wide open and it was almost painful to read.  I wanted to yell at the both of them to talk to each other properly.  Bill Tanner and Paddy broke my heart.  I had to literally turn my head away from the page when Paddy was picked up by the thug.  I get shivers thinking about that terrible scene.  I keep telling myself it was only a book but it is still invading my thoughts.  And, of course, the killer was about the most chilling I have ever encountered in my travels through the murder mystery genre.  I don’t think I will ever listen to a missing child report the same way again having read about “Henry” and his crimes.
Thank you for sending me the advance copy!  

And thanks to Sandra for sharing her review with us. Luther: The Calling is available wherever books are sold.