Books for a Flourishing Garden

Along with barbecues and visits to the park, warmer weather also means it’s time to spruce up your garden. Here are some books to help you make the most out of your garden this year.

The Perfect Plot

A great book for beginner gardeners, this book teaches you how to start an allotment from scratch. Through the story of a group of villagers’ gardening successes and failures, this book helps you discover new methods and growing techniques. It’s also a great story about a community with a shared passion.

Right Plant, Right Place

This handbook will help you optimize your garden, teaching you which plants to grow where. With full colour photography, specific plants, their characteristics and their unique needs are described. Covering over 1470 plants, this book guides you through the process of plant and soil selection to help bring your gardening vision to life.

My Empire of Dirt

For those of us who live in the city, gardening may not be the first thing on our minds come springtime. However, this book may change that. It’s the story of a man who turned his Brooklyn backyard into a farm with the goal of creating enough produce to sustain him for one month. Although city-dwellers may not be striving toward the same achievement, it’s an inspiring story that could just sprout the roots for our own gardens. Read an excerpt from the book.

Hear more about author Manny Howard’s challenging gardening feat: