Book Blogger Spotlight: Bibliobabes

We’re excited to bring you our August Book Blogger Spotlight! This is where we chat with one of our bloggers, ask them to share some of their favorite authors, the books they can’t live without, and find out how they came to book blogging.

This month, we bring you our chat with not one but two lovely ladies, Cara and Kat, from Bibliobabes. You can follow them on Twitter @Bibliobabes.

What made you want to start a book blog?
When we first met, Cara and I immediately bonded over a love of reading.  I then very shyly showed her my book reviews; I had been keeping them for several years at that point and had reviewed every single book I’d read from the Summer of ’06.  Cara loved the idea of keeping book reviews, started keeping her own, and said we should post them online.  I mean, why not, right?  Might as well share some insight with fellow book lovers.  Because Cara’s a computer genius, she had a website up and running almost immediately and we just kind of fell into it.

What’s your favourite reading spot?
Kat – Anywhere I can; I have a book on me at all times for emergency reading breaks.  But I read most often late at night in bed, behind the counter at work, or when I’m in the laundry room.

Cara – I am not a night reader. I like reading outside, on the couch or in anything that moves, like a car or train. Summer reading outside at the lake is as close to heaven as one can get.

Your favourite book in the last year?
Kat – Tough call!  I have a hard time narrowing things down, but I’d have to say either Inside the Outside by Martin Lastrapes, Bedbugs by Ben H. Winters, 11/22/63 by Stephen King, Blood Road by Edo Van Belkom, or the Remember Me Series by Christopher Pike.  Hey, I narrowed it down to 5, that’s pretty good for me!

Cara – Hmmmm, I’d agree with Inside the Outside by Martin Lastrapes. Totally creepy and so well written.

Favourite book of all time?
Kat –  This one’s easy for me – Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov.  It is, unquestionably, the best book I’ve ever read.  Not only is it beautifully written, but I always feel more intelligent after having finished it.

Cara –  Impossible. My answer would change every day you asked me. Let’s see… today I pick Love you Forever by Robert Munsch.

Favourite author?
Kat – Tough call!  Stephen King for his sheer volume of awesomeness; Christopher Pike for how his books make me feel; Scott Smith for just being great; and VC Andrews (the actual VC Andrews, not her ghost writer) for being completely twisted.

CaraChristopher Pike, Roald Dahl, Laurell K. Hamilton, Carlos Castaneda, Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut; each author offers something different and satisfying.

Favourite movie adaptation of a book?
Kat – The NeverEnding Story immediately comes to mind.  The 1997 version of Lolita is another good one.  And who didn’t love The Princess Bride?

Cara – A Clockwork Orange. A horrifying movie that I admittedly only watched to find out what the hell was going on in the book. Droog? Gulliver? Sigh.

What do you do when you’re not working on your blog?
Kat –  What, besides reading?  I work a heck of a lot.  I’m the manager of a shop called Hempyz and I’m lucky enough to work with my husband and a great group of girls; we have a lot of social time, ha ha.  Actually, I have a lot of social time in general.  I’m usually hanging out with my husband and friends watching movies, playing with my ferret, going to the pub… you know, the usual 20-something activities.  And I visit with Cara pretty regularly.  Sometimes I even get a chance to sleep!

Cara – I work, cook, sleep and repeat, lol. I’m trying to learn Arabic, I love languages. I spend too much time watching documentaries and bad TV shows.

Do you seek reader engagement on your blog? If so, how does this affect your ideas about books and authors?
We’re lucky enough that we have a great core fanbase.  Our readers often comment on our posts, and we’re always eager to hear what they think.  We have a lot of authors who read our blog as well, and submit work for us to review.  We know these authors are going to read our reviews, but we promised each other one thing when we started this website: no matter what, we were going to be honest.  We weren’t going to compromise our feelings and thoughts on a book and what we wrote in a review because we were worried what someone might think of us.  If one of us didn’t like a book, we wouldn’t say we did just because we wanted to spare someone’s feelings; that would be a disservice to the people who came to our site looking for a good book to curl up with.  But we also do our best not to be callous.  If we don’t like something we’ve read, we make sure to say why, as opposed to just trashing it for no reason.  We tread a fine line between being honest and being kind, but we think we do it pretty well.  And that means the people who read our reviews are getting a real opinion, not just lip service.

Do you read other blogs? Which ones?
Kat – I’ve had a mad crush on Will at Too Much Horror Fiction for about… oh, a million years or so.  Seriously though, I’ve been reading his blog forever and he’s the reason why I would have even considered doing a book blog in the first place.  He was the first one to show me that you can be interested in a subject a little off the beaten path, and still be successful.  And if you’re reading this, Will… well, now you know.
And can I mention how epic Dreadful Tales is?!  They’ve got EVERYTHING that is horror literature related over there, and they update like crazy.

Cara – To be honest I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet. I check Goodreads and cruise Twitter for the latest book gossip, pics and merch. I check the blogs of authors that I like to find out release dates and cover art for upcoming books.

How has your blog developed or changed since you first started?
Not much. We have our “Daily Radness” section where we post the lastest book related goodies. We have been doing a lot of Indie book reviews lately, which we love as it has given us a chance to meet some pretty amazing peeps. We wish we had the time to read and review more *fingers crossed.* 


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  1. Awesome interview. Love the Bibliobabes and am also a huge fan of Inside the Outside by Martin Lastrapes.

  2. An incredible interview given by two amazing women. Huge fan of the Babes!!! Keep up the good work girls.

  3. The Biblio Babes and their wonderful website was quite the find. Two ladies with a wicked sense of humor and a great regard for reading and books. Their website is one I check out daily to see what new posts they have up, be it a new review, a funny find from the internet, or just a new photo of themselves. I’m lucky to consider Kat and Cara my friends. They are always very easy to engage in communication through their website and twitter.

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