Bones are Forever. Is Seeley Booth?

Update: Thanks to everyone who participated – I’m sure Tempe (both Book and TV versions) appreciate the careful consideration you have all put into her love life.
It was a tight race but Booth came out slightly on top with 117 votes to Ryan’s 101.
A fun fact: At least 20 people voted for Ryan because he’s Canadian. Go Canada!

Congratulations to Carol, who voted “Seeley Booth – how can you improve on perfection?”, for winning our Bones are Forever Prize Pack.

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Bestselling author Kathy Reichs is also the producer of and inspiration for FOX TV’s BONES – I’ve always been curious about the intersection of the two mediums. Her new release, Bones are Forever has given me cause to revisit that intersection.

The language in Bones are Forever caught me from the start. Reichs is not messing around here. We join Temperance Brennan (Tempe), as her she looks into the eyes of an infant before pulling its body from a bathroom vanity. Reichs shows her victims from the perspective of a forensic anthropologist, her vast knowledge adding a reliable base to the narrative.

Simultaneously, Reichs’ writing hits you in the gut with emotionality. Tempe’s encounters with these young deaths exist in the shadow of motherhood, her own daughter often coming to mind. As Tempe pieces the trail of murders together, she leaves the bleak Montreal bathroom for diamond mining country in Yellowknife, NT.

Along the way, we meet Lieutenant-détective Andrew Ryan. Sorry, that is, “smoking hot,” old-fling, Lieutenant-détective Andrew Ryan. Now, of course, I’m inclined to consider him in contrast to Seeley Booth. What would the TV-boyfriend of Tempe think of this run-in with her old fling? Who do you think is the more compelling love interest and why?

Leave a comment with your choice for Tempe – Andrew Ryan or Seeley Booth. Everyone who comments will be entered to win a Kathy Reichs prize pack, including a library of her books and seasons 1-6 of FOX TV’s BONES, on DVD.

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219 thoughts on “Bones are Forever. Is Seeley Booth?

  1. I’m going with Andrew Ryan because of his smokin’ hotness and his intelligence. And intelligence is sexy. Plus that whole speaking French thing.

  2. I’m going with Seeley Booth because if it didn’t work with Andrew Ryan to begin with it probably won’t work again!

  3. Booth because he’s willing to commit.

    I like Andy and try to imagine who he would look like, but he’s a player. Booth really loves Bones and shows it often.

  4. Andrew Ryan cause he’s hot hot hot! He’s smart and sexy and the more compelling character therefore the more compelling love interest.

  5. They both have their good qualities and bad qualities. I’d have to go with Booth though. Sure he’s been spotty upon occasion, but you know he’d do anything for television Brennan, include sacrificing himself. Ryan’s a good guy, but he’s got too much going on with his daughter Lily to be a really good match for book Brennan right now.

  6. It would have to be Seeley Booth because they complete each other (and David Boreanaz was also totally hot on his old series Angel).

  7. Tough decision! I’d have to say Booth. The imagined looks that Ryan gives Tempe are nothing compared to the real version of Booth. Plus Booth doesn’t play the games that Ryan does.

  8. Definitely Seeley Booth. It’s not just that he’s gorgeous (though that helps), it’s because he’s willing to give his life for Tempe. Now that’s love.

  9. Seeley Booth is the best choice for Tempe, because he is forever loyal to her and has a super awesome protectiveness over her 🙂 he obviously loves her and will always do so<3 and of course he is so hot.

  10. OMG they are both so totally worth picking. BUT I will have to go with Booth – I kinda have a thing for him – he is loyal to a fault, never gives up and is so amazingly in love with her. I’ve been rewatching all of the seasons on netflix and am on season two and you can see the chemistry between them even then. BOOTH ALL THE WAY (thanks for the chance to win too)!

  11. I don’t see Tempe and Bones as even the same character. They have different pasts, different issues… I love both and I think the love interests are well suited to the different characters. I relate more to the book Tempe, we are close to the same age and temperament… And while I love Booth on the show, Ryan is more real to me, flaws and all…

  12. Oh god, this is harder than a chinese finger trap, its like the more you try to decide the harder it is to come to a conclusion… But I think I’m gonna haave to go with Seeley, sorry Canada.. But how can you say no to an ex- special forces FBI agent… Plus, David Boreanaz. .. ‘Nuff said.

  13. I’d soooo love to win this…absolutely hooked on all the books and want to see a happy ending for Tempe and Ryan too!!

  14. Normally I am usually for a book character over a tv character. But this time around I have to choose Seeley Booth — I just find him such an intriguing and likeable character & the chemistry is great between him and tv Tempe. In Ryan’s defence he is a much more realistic character

  15. I haven’t read the books and would so be inclined to vote for Booth. My daughter, however, is in love with Ryan and I am afraid of what she might do if I vote against him.

  16. Andrew of course, personality, mystery an intelligence, what more could you want

  17. Seeley Booth because that is who I am familiar with from the show and they have great chemistry.

  18. I love both Booth and Ryan, but my choice is Ryan. My first introduction to Tempe was in the books and that storyline is still my first love. I have wanted Tempe and Ryan together right from the beginning! He is so perfect for her. Not only is he hot and amazing at his job, he’s hilarious! That being said, I jumped for joy when Booth and Brennan got together on the show 😉

  19. It’s so hard to make this choice because the 2 Tempe’s portrayed are so different to each other. As much as I love Ryan, I would have to say Booth because simply because sarcasm is an aphrodisiac for me 🙂

    • Arhhh! What a choice! Can a choose both? They are so different at times and other so similar, started with the books Ryan is fab the fact I can paint him in my own image of how he is described adds to the mystery, but Seely? Oh come on who wouldn’t say yes! Humour especially dry and mixed with intelligence and physical fitness,,, hmm maybe I though of this too much hope my husband doesn’t read this lol

  20. I’m gonna have to go for Booth.. Though as a poster above pointed out, both Tempe’s are completely different from each other and so well matched with Ryan and Booth. I adore both these guys.

  21. Very hard decision but I think I have to go Andrew Ryan (Canadian loyalty ;)) And although Booth (by way of Boreanaz is very good looking), I am free to imagine my very own Andrew Ryan.

  22. Wow, this is a tough one! As a fan of Booth & Bones I naturally want to say that Booth. But let’s face it Ryan has a lot going for him & I mean A LOT! He’s a fellow Canadian and that’s a big pull all on it’s own, but add caring, intelligent, and smoking hot, well is there even a competition? Yes, there is. Mostly because Booth & Bones have developed a rapport both professionally & in their personal lives that some never find. I think Booth & Bones should always be partners. They balance each other and help each other to see the world in a way that they would not necessarily see otherwise. So, yeah, Booth is my pick for Temperance.

  23. As much as I think Seely is a wonderful, gorgeous, caring man ….I have to go with Andrew. Books are where I fell in love with Kathy.

  24. Andrew Ryan the eyes say it all but his whit and hotness make him even better X

  25. Absolutely Booth all the way. Although Ryan is protective and cares he plays too many games with Tempe’s feelingings. Even if it is just because he does not “get” what makes Tempe do what she does sometimes, his reactions don’t always promote loyalty and long term bonding. Booth does not do this, from the beginning he recognized TV Tempe’s dedication and worked hard to “get” what makes her tick. He’s made mistakes but keeps on trying to make it right. I still LOVE the books though and will follow Tempe’s story wherever Kathy Reichs wants to take it. What is there not to love? Great heroine, plot lines, science fact, real life, breathable depth of story. All of her characters are believable. The books will still be read long after the show has run it’s course. (I say this with love for both, I started reading the books AFTER I started watching TV’s “Bones”).

  26. It’s gotta be Booth. Tempe and Booth have a baby together, everything about their life, (aside the fact that they are apart right now), leads them towards each other. Ryan on the other hand has the constant conflict with his daughter and ex. They are never together long and the same problems always push them apart.
    Booth has proved over and over again how much he loves Tempe and wants to be with her. He is the man for her (and Christine!)

  27. The classic question! ‘What if…’ Vs the relationship which unfolded across years of collaboration. Everyone has a ‘what if’ memory; few of us get to test it.

    Ryan has many appealing qualities…but is he the keeper…or the guy you have an affair with?

    Seeley on the other hand, has proven to be a superb match. But you never know…:-)

  28. SEELEY BOOTH!!!!! Because I am a super huge fan of bones like no idea!!! Booth is sweet and such a great character that matches perfectly with Dr.Brennan oh my gosh they are amazing together LOVEEE THEM!! Go Booth!

  29. well, it’s an hard choice because they are different and both sexy, but i vote for Andrew Ryan he’s the original one!!

  30. Maybe if I didn’t know Booth better than Andrew my answer would be different, but I know how Booth is and he is perfect for Tempe!

  31. Defo Booth! 100% Booth! How can you resist that gorgeous pebbled jaw, that crooked sexy smile! And those brown puppy dog eyes! Plus the protectiveness is sooooo damn HOT!!! Uff!

    • Like most started with Ryan, great guy is an understatement,the fact we only a description for him not a physical picture means I can imagine him how I want from everything to this mannerisms and how he handles situations not always mentioned. But Seeley? Who wouldn’t say yes! Looks, a beautiful heart, intelligent, a dry sense of humour physically fit… They have so much in common yet are so different arrgghhh! Choices!! Have to be honest and say depends on the situation I was in at the time with then if I was Tempe. She is as lucky as I am With my hubby ( Just in case he is reading this!) having either!

  32. Definately Andrew Ryan. The speaking French, the sassy attitude, being Tempe’s go to hero and finally he part owns Charlie. Who wouldn’t love a man with a foul mouthed parakeet!!

  33. I’ve always preferred Booth over Ryan. But maybe that’s just because there’s a physical manifestation of Booth in David B as opposed to Ryan who only exists in the book.

  34. Very difficult having read the books from the beginning I have always thought Tempe and Ryan would get together BUT Bones is different and Booth is so right for that version of Tempe I have to go with him, it helps that DB is sex on legs!!!

  35. I’m going with Seeley Booth. He doesn’t fool around with Tempe’s emotions the way Andrew Ryan can.

  36. Totally Tempe – Andrew Ryan … Booth is fun in the short term, but Ryan is complex and smoking hot enough to last forever. Besides, he’s bilingual – hello, French sweet nothings in the heat of the moment.

  37. I haven’t watched the show for a couple seasons…but it breaks my heart that there’s anyone in the running here who isn’t Booth. *sniff* Booth forever!

  38. That’s a difficult question because we really have 2 separate Tempe Brennans. As I read the books long before the show was made I was always a fan of Andrew Ryans and I think he is perfect for the Temperence of the books and I hope they can manage to get back together. However I think that Seeley is perfect for Bones as I think he really gets her and her quirks and I think he’s brought her more into the real world rather than always in the lab and her way of taking all comments seriously.

  39. This feels like a cop out, but both. Each Tempe (book and show) has the one who is right for her and would be totally wrong for the other!

  40. There are definitely more contrast between the two love interest of our beloved Temperance Brennan, then there are commonalities. Both have a love for justice, and both have a child from a previous relationship, but for me the comparison ends there.
    Just like the two leading men are different, so are the relationships they share with Brennan differ. Although I am a hardcore Booth/Brennan shipper, I am continuously invested in the relationship developments between Ryan and Brennan. He was introduced as a lady’s man who slept around, and book Brennan found him annoying, this coupled with her “no dating coworkers” rule keept the two apart; even though it was apparent that she found him attractive from “deja dead” then they kind of hook up, entertain the idea of dating, he goes under cover, they get together, he finds out he has a daughter and decides to give it a go with his ex, figures out he missed what he had with Tempe and ask for another shot. And although I believe that book Brennan loves Ryan, he broke both her heart and her trust so there is no telling were their relationship might go.
    I think that not only are the leading men different, but the two Brennan’s differ greatly, from book Brennan’s battle with alcoholism, to TV Brennan’s emotional withdrawal, that the relationships they have with there leading men are to different to compare and decided which is more interesting then the other. The foundation and development of each relationship are interesting in there own right, but for me, at the moment, I have to choose Ryan/Brennan. I can’t wait to see what happens in the book on the 28th, or the show on the17th. No matter which relationship I’m following, I know I’m in for angst, romance, and surprises.

  41. Ok Booth is also caring and intelligent. And professional and smoking hot. I choose booth.

  42. Seeley Booth because if it didn’t work out with Andrew the first time, well I don’t want to see Tempe hurt. Plus Booth is ex-Special Forces and that’s just awesome. I mean Andrew is Canadian… but Booth. Definitely Booth. He is forever.

  43. Well… they’re both completely different guys and honestly different Tempe’s for that matter. But I would still say Booth. It didn’t work out the first time with Andrew… I wouldn’t want Tempe hurt again. So Booth. Definitely Booth. Plus he’s ex-Special Forces and that’s awesome.

  44. Booth hands down for my choice. Andrew Ryan messed things up when he dropped Tempe when his daughter came back in the picture. Booth has his own skeletons to deal with but he never shut brennan out.

  45. Firstly if I wouldn’t read these books I would choose Booth. He’s really funny and sweet, but also kind of tough guy when someone wants to hurt his friends. But, and this is a big “but” I read all Kathy’s book and Ryan is perfect and normal at the same time. Also I have to say that all differences between Booth and Ryan arise from different backgrounds where they live and the one but the most important thing is – Tempe in TV Bones is someone else than Tempe in books. So it’s natural that Booth and Ryan are not the same guy.

  46. Definately Ryan. The pit of your stomach wonder of an old flame tends to forgo a day-to-day relationship in not seeing the bad stuff, just the attractive draw.

  47. Seeley Booth! But agree with Mandy:”Each Tempe (book and show) has the one who is right for her and would be totally wrong for the other!”

  48. I pick Andrew Ryan because I’m naturally biased towards Canadians 😉 He’s caring, protective, intelligent, bilingual, really everything I’m looking for in a man.

  49. I would say Andrew Ryan, they have a history together and I just like him better as a match for her.

  50. Definitely Andrew Ryan. He’s a mystery man and seems to have a lot more depth than Booth. It seems weird not to have that intrigue of Andrew in the tv show but Booth is certainly good for her. He is characterized a wonderful father, too, but with his on demons so he’s certainly flawed in some ways.

    Poor David Boreanaz, he does play the character well but it seems having a face and always the right thing to say is taking away from his appeal.

    I love Kathy’s writing and can’t wait to read her new book!

  51. Booth works with TV Tempe, and Ryan with the literary. I’ll go with Ryan though, after all he is Canadian.

  52. Booth for sure.. love this series and just finished watching it from the beginning again

  53. I would have to say Booth. One of the main reasons being that I got/am hooked still on the TV show before i was intorduced to the absolutely wonderful book series. Plus the whole David Boreanaz thing is a bonus 😀

  54. Andrew Ryan is a great choice for Tempe in the books because she is so strong and Ryan knows that and respects that. Seeley is better for Tv bones Tempe because he’s a little more over protective and she needs that, she is still a strong women but is a little more vulnerable than book Tempe. So Ryan for book Tempe and Booth for TV Tempe. Also though David Boreanz is smokin hot, So there’s that to.

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